About Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval
Do I need Planning Permission?

Under what is called ‘Permitted Development’ certain extensions can be built without Planning Permission. Caution should be exercised when establishing the facts and contact should be made with the local Planning Authority.

How long does it take to get Planning Permission?

The Planning Application will normally be determined within 8 weeks.
(It should be noted that the preparation of the drawings will extend the total time required.)

Will I get Planning Permission?

The granting of Planning Permission can never be guaranteed. Even after detailed discussions with the Planning Officer issues could arise when the actual Application is made.

How much does it cost?

There is a standard fee payable to the Local Authority for Extensions. It currently stands at £150.

Other fees may arise such as those payable to Building Control or to an Engineer if Structural Calculations are required.

What is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval?

The Planning Authority considers such issues as over development of your site, Blocking out your neighbours light and the general aesthetics of a scheme etc. etc. Building Control is the technical department of the local Authority who ensure that the extension is built in compliance with the Building Regulations.

How much Will I need Building Regulation Approval?does it cost?

Most domestic extensions require Building Regulation Approval. Under certain conditions elements such as detached garages may not require approval.

What does Building Regulation Approval cost?

Building Control costs are based on the size of the Extension. An approximate cost could be arrived at after an initial consultation.

What fees are payable to Abbey Design?

Because of the varying nature of different Extensions, the fees will also vary. These fees are calculated immediately after the first meeting ( for which there is no charge ) and will be confirmed in writing. On some occasions it may be possible to give an estimate at the time of meeting.

How soon can the process be started?

Upon receipt of your instructions to proceed, a start can usually be made in approximately 1 week.

Do we recommend any particular Builder?

A short list of Builders is kept by Abbey Design. Builders are put on the list as a result of having positive feedback from a Client.