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Welcome to Abbey Design
Abbey Design sets out to provide a comprehensive Architectural Design Service in the Surrey Area for householders and the smaller Property Developer.

We specialise in producing Extension Plans in consultation with our Clients in order to seek Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval for House Extensions.

We aim to cover that sector of Surrey’s Architecture and Planning Applications which are considered too small to be viable for the larger Architectural Practices in Surrey.
One design does not fit all...
When it comes to designing living spaces, it's crucial to take into account the individuals who will be living there. One design does not fit all, and what may be suitable for one family may not be for another. Understanding the various aspects of the people living in a property is a fundamental aspect of good design.

For example, a family of five requires more space than a family of two, and this should be reflected in the design choices made. More bedrooms, more bathrooms, and more storage space are needed in larger households. Similarly, families with young children may need a design that includes childproof features and designated play areas.

In conclusion, good design is all about taking into account the various aspects of the people living in a property. A successful design considers the number of people living in the space, their lifestyles, and unique needs. Designing with these considerations in mind ensures that the living space is comfortable, practical, and enjoyable for all residents.