About Abbey Design – Its history and Experience

Architects And Architectural Design Philosophy

Most Architects and Designers have a design philosophy which guides them through to the finished building. House Extensions are no exception to this process.

Some years ago, as technology improved, I started designing open vaulted roofs with roof lights. This has become something of a trademark of Abbey Design. More importantly, what started out as a design concept to give a WOW factor to an extension, has now developed into something of a personal crusade.

I become aware of the condition known as S.A.D. (Seasonally Affected Disorder). This is a condition whereby people suffer depressive episodes as the days shorten in the winter and less light is experienced during the day. Now whilst a small minority of people have actually been diagnosed as suffering from S.A.D., I am convinced that the vast majority of people are unconsciously affected by the lack of daylight especially as they get older. When I speak to clients about S.A.D. they all instantly recognise the effect but had not necessarily made the connection.

Beyond this more profound belief, Home Extensions should be tailored to the individual family’s lifestyle. The issues which should be addressed during the Design process should include the following.

  • Children – adequate space and facilities for play and study
  • Pets – utility area for cleaning after muddy walks
  • Entertaining – tendency towards formal or informal dining
  • Gardening – storage area for boots/clothing
  • Kitchen – do you eat to live or live to eat?

It is not sufficient to “update” a house. It should be improved to satisfy not just the needs of today but also the needs of the future. While the design should be based on the client’s brief, consideration should also be given to the effect of the design on the ability to sell the property at a later date.

All the above topics can be enlarged on at the first meeting, and the various issues concluded in detail at a later meeting before the Planning Application is made.

Welcome to Abbey Design

Abbey Design sets out to provide a comprehensive Architectural Design Service in the Surrey Area for householders and the smaller Property Developer.

We specialise in producing Extension Plans in consultation with our Clients in order to seek Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval for House Extensions.

We aim to cover that sector of Surrey’s Architecture and Planning Applications which are considered too small to be viable for the larger Architectural Practices in Surrey.